Thursday, July 28, 2011

rainy day...

is it just me or rainy day really can make us sluggish ? well , it especially applied today. i don't know why , i woke up late this morning just to find out that the tapping sound of raindrops on the roof sounds like an appeal for me to sleep more . and then... i woke up quickly because there's a loud thunder that sounds like it want to slap me to wake me up . a very sluggish start for a typical friday.

this just bring up my memories about rain. i still remember back then when i still in my primary school. i attend an evening class for my religion school.. sekolah agamalah! I have to walk from my school to go home and it's already raining cats and dogs. and the worst part is, i didn't bring my umbrella just because the sun was shining very-very proudly hours before.

so i decided to walk in the rain... yup, just walk like it's nothing. but it's far from nothing! the moment i start to walk, a bike get past me and did a very good job splashing mud all over my cloth. i was like.... what? am i this pathethic? so i just like... biarlah, alang-alang kotor biar je lah... then i walk to my house just to find out that my relative is visiting and i had to greet them in a very pathethic form. i wish i am invisible at that time! so embarassing...

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