Thursday, December 31, 2009


hallooo! at last, i have a blog!
well, new year had just knocked my door and your door too of course. and i will be a college student a few months from now! how's that? never mind, i am currently at my sister's house. why i'm here? simply because, i want to use the internet. my parent's house don't have any. so, as a tribute to her, i will tell you about her. she is a lot more older than me, she already settled down and had two children. the eldest is a sweet little girl, while the youngest(for now) is a boy. both are very sweet although they always annoys me. huhu, i guess that can't be helped...

well, maybe i can call it a day now. it's late already. i will tell you about my family the next time i'm blogging, okay? tata!